Your bank account is marked as being a spammer

Your bank account is marked as being a spammer

After login, you will be redirect to another subsite, but when I try do this, I got if you click on “My Enclave” button:

MISTAKE: Your account happens to be marked as a spammer

I will be utilizing a Join My Multisite plugin which enables login throughout the web web web sites, additionally, the subsite uses BuddyPress that must be the culprit with this problem. So what can i really do to prevent this?

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  • Philip
    • Web Web Web Site Builder, Child of Zeus
    • Therefore I have actually diagnosed the problem;

      ISSUE 1:

      Whenever connecting through the PRINCIPAL web site towards the SUB-SITE; a person is established within the sub-site utilizing the account that is matching details through the primary web web site, but, it seems to flag the account as “Spammer” in the sub-site as soon as linked over, this clearly stops an individual from signing into this sub-site. (See right here for screenshot)

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