Why am we upset 6 months after breakup?

Why am we upset 6 months after breakup?

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Hi, simply wondering if anybody might have connection with this. We split up after 20 years together 6 weeks hence and I’ve been fine it was a long time coming and I have accepted the marriage is over but suddenly the last 3 days I started feeling down about it. I’d this concept as i was feeling really anxious, anyway there’s no one new but just can’t shake this feeling of sadness that he was seeing someone new so I called and asked him . Could it be normal to feel this real means six days later on? We now have a kid together and then he talks to her every but I’ve had no contact with him other than this night. Feel just like I’m losing my head when I ended up being coping very well. Would like to hear exactly what your ideas are with this tia

A wedding separation is much like a death of a loved one,as that person shared a huge section of yourself,you are gona have good days however you will have bad days as well,it’s natural to possess these emotions,its called healing,a great deal of men and women bypass these emotions by leaping right into a relationship that is new your self time as 6 days is early nevertheless,usually takes 12months for the people emotions to get away,don’t worry a great deal in what your ex partner is doing focus on yourself,but your emotions are normal but will recede with time

6 months is not any time atall!!

I’m 7 months later on, although he just relocated away 4 months ago..after an 18yr relationship plus some times i will be nevertheless in bits 😭

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